A Tangled Web in Camelot

Published August 7, 2013 by smith1146

A Tangled Web in Camelot
O! Jackie by Mercedes King
Reviewed by Jean A. Smith
The Kennedys and their intimate circle have fascinated the public for years. O! Jackie by Mercedes King examines the romantic, political and family relationships encountered through the eyes of Jackie Kennedy. In this novel, the readers are given insight into the Kennedys’ lives from early in their marriage through JFK’s rise through politics culminating in the presidency. What makes this novel different is that readers feel as if they are experiencing the ups and downs of public life right along with Jackie.
Powerful movers and shakers in both Washington D. C. and Hollywood round out the novel alerting the reader to the fact that Camelot was not without its tarnish. JFK’s wandering eye and his family’s fierce protection of him leave the reader feeling as frustrated as Jackie. I found myself at times both pitying and applauding Jackie’s efforts to remain strong in a next to impossible situation.
One icon that plays an important role in both history and this novel is Marilyn Monroe. So many times I feel she is presented in literature as a caricature. Not so in this novel. King presents her in such a way that by the end of the novel I felt quite sorry for her. While opposites in many ways, both of these women were trapped in a situation in which they had no control or were ever taken very seriously by the public.
Fans of the Kennedy clan as well as the time period of Washington’s Camelot will find a page turner in this novel. Historical figures come to life and provide a possible beginning to our love of celebrity-hyped media.


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